#34 - Jon Sepp @ Roam Free Ranch
ReGen Brands PodcastJune 02, 202300:55:24

#34 - Jon Sepp @ Roam Free Ranch

On this episode, we have Jon Sepp who is one of the Co-Founders of Roam Free Ranch.

Roam Free Ranch is supporting regenerative agriculture with their ready-to-eat bison snacks and meals.

In this episode, we learn about Jon’s journey expanding the operation from 240 acres to over 10,000 and how he has managed his herd regeneratively along the way. Jon tells us why the company has focused on building a brand and selling ready-to-eat products versus just selling bison meat.

Episode Highlights:

🦬 Why Jon fell in love with bison
🤠 When he met Brittany and went all-in on ranching
😯 Growing their operations from 240 acres to 10,000+
🔥 Bringing bison mainstream through ready-to-eat products
⭐ Their regenerative practices + systems
🤔 Why Jon believes only animal foods are truly regenerative
🧑‍🌾 How raising bison is so different than cattle
💯 Why truth & taste are your biggest marketing assets
💥 Building on-farm experiences to drive consumer connection


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