#35 - Brita & Bryce Lundberg @ Lundberg Family Farms
ReGen Brands PodcastJune 09, 202301:10:30

#35 - Brita & Bryce Lundberg @ Lundberg Family Farms

On this episode, we have Brita & Bryce Lundberg of Lundberg Family Farms who are a father daughter duo representing the third and fourth generations of their family business.

Lundberg Family Farms is supporting regenerative agriculture with their organic and regenerative organic rice and quinoa products that now includes 107 total SKUs.

In this episode, we learn about how the Lundbergs got their start farming rice in California, how market opportunities through brands have guided their pursuit of organic and regenerative organic farming, and the big goals they have to certify all of their rice Regenerative Organic Certified® by 2027.

Episode Highlights:

🤤 Our favorite Lundberg products
🤯 How the business has scaled to 107 SKUs
🫡 The visionary regen influence of founder Albert Lundberg
🆒 Why rice is a great crop for their region + soil type
😍 The market that spurred their adoption of organic
😯 How they manage water, grass weeds, and aquatic weeds
🦆 How they’ve rescued over 30,000 duck eggs
🤩 Their “Ducking Good Rice” marketing campaign
🏅 Reaching 8,000 acres of Regenerative Organic Certified® rice
🎯 Why brands = markets = practice change (in that order)


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