#39 - Holly & John Arbuckle @ Singing Pastures
ReGen Brands PodcastJuly 07, 202301:19:55

#39 - Holly & John Arbuckle @ Singing Pastures

On this episode, we have Holly & John Arbuckle who are the Co-Founders of Singing Pastures.

Singing Pastures is supporting regenerative agriculture with their regenerative, pastured-pork snack sticks and soon-to-launch salami products.

In this episode, Holly & John share why creating a CPG brand was their path toward an adequate farming livelihood, we learn all about their unique pork program which is “wildly regenerative”, and we discuss what the regenerative community has to do in the future to be successful.

Episode Highlights:

🐖 Creating the first nationally available pastured pork stick
💫 The importance of courage, commitment, and creativity
😂 How they cold-called their way into Thrive Market
🙏 Bootstrapping and “betting the farm” on the brand
🤤 Their new Salami SKUs coming soon
🐷 Rotationally grazing pigs + using humane nose rings
♻️ Upcycling local food waste to help feed their pigs
🤔 Why they lead with “pasture-raised” vs “regenerative”
👉 The problems with regenerative being tied to organic
😡 Why corporate capture of government prevents scaling regen


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