#40 - Andres Izquieta & Juan Jaramillo @ Chiki Chiki Boom Boom
ReGen Brands PodcastJuly 21, 202301:08:21

#40 - Andres Izquieta & Juan Jaramillo @ Chiki Chiki Boom Boom

On this episode, we have Andres & Juan, the Co-Founders of Chiki Chiki Boom Boom.

Chiki Chiki Boom Boom is supporting regenerative agriculture with their line of enhanced water beverages packed with regenerative and organic botanicals.

They market the product to consumers as “Reggaeton In A Bottle” and a tool to “Regenerate Your Body.”

In this episode, we learn about Chiki’s regenerative organic farm in the “Valley of Longevity” in Ecudaor, Andres schools us on how the brand architecture was built to encompass Reggaeton, authentic Latin flavors and culture, plus lofty sustainability goals. And, we dive deep into their current farming operation and commercial traction of the brand.

Episode Highlights:

💃 Meet: “Reggaeton In A Bottle”
😂 How Juan & Andres met in LA
🙏 Inspiration from the “Valley of Longevity”
💰 The huge opportunity to serve the Latin consumer
😍 Their 40-acre regenerative organic farm in Ecuador
🏅 The rigor of USDA Organic certification
🤳 Why TikTok is so important
🤤 The competitive advantage of “regenerative flavor”
🤩 How they support indigenous + female farmers
💥 Why retailers are the “gatekeepers” to a regenerative future


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