#73 - Allie O'Brien @ Harmless Harvest
ReGen Brands PodcastMay 31, 202400:58:21

#73 - Allie O'Brien @ Harmless Harvest

On this episode, we have Allie O’Brien who is the Vice President of Marketing at Harmless Harvest.

Harmless Harvest is supporting regenerative agriculture with its Regenerative Organic Certified® coconut supply chain which is now making its way into label claims across their product portfolio.

In this episode, we learn about Harmless’ unique supply chain in Thailand sourcing the nam hom coconut, their work implementing regenerative practices on the ground through their ReCAP program, how their regenerative organic sourcing is coming to life in product marketing today and in the future, plus the support their receiving from their parent company, Danone.

Get your notepads out folks because Allie was dropping knowledge on this episode. It was super interesting and informative to have our first VP of Marketing on the show and Allie went in-depth on all things related to creating meaningful marketing strategies for regenerative claims whether we’re talking certifications, packaging design, claims hierarchy, pricing architecture, in-store promotion, channel-specific execution and so much more.

Episode Highlights:

🩷 What makes their coconut water pink + unique?
🥥 Why they only use nom ham coconuts
🌴 Canal-based, smallholder coconut farms in Thailand
😮 Why there’s no organic premium for their partner farmers
🤝 Creating the ReCAP program to increase regen ag adoption
💰 How Danone is supporting their regen work
🥤 Bringing regenerative claims to their bottles
🎯 Why regen is about retention and not purchase
👍 How retailers and certifiers can boost consumer education
🤩 “It’s the right thing to do AND better for business”


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