#27 - Emily Griffith @ Lil Bucks
ReGen Brands PodcastApril 21, 202301:11:0197.54 MB

#27 - Emily Griffith @ Lil Bucks

On this episode, we have Emily Griffith who is the Founder & CEO @ Lil Bucks

Lil Bucks is supporting regenerative agriculture with its various organic and regenerative organic sprouted buckwheat products.

In this episode, we learn about Emily’s international inspiration to bring a thriving buckwheat market to the US and Emily takes us behind the scenes on her 5-year journey of growing the business through a pandemic, trade wars, regular wars, and massive global supply chain headwinds.

Episode Highlights:

🦘 The international inspiration for Lil Bucks

😎 Nutritional and agronomic benefits of buckwheat

😂 Calling farmers at home to buy buckwheat

🤯 Countless reasons to build a domestic market for buckwheat

🏄 Being inspired by “Let My People Go Surfing”

💥 Creating a product line that works for the mass market

😍 Committing to regenerative, US-grown buckwheat

🚜 Working with A-Frame Farm & Mad Ag

🏅 The value of Regenerative Organic Certified®

💰 Unique financing needs when contracting regen supply


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Let My People Go Surfing

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