The podcast about CPG brands supporting
regenerative agriculture

Hosted by Kyle Krull & Anthony Corsaro

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Episode -- #15

Phil Graves @ Wild Idea Buffalo

Phil details Dan O'Brien's journey starting Wild Idea, their team’s big plans for future growth, and just how vital the American bison is to regeneration as our keystone ruminant species here in the United States.

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Episode -- #14

Sarela Herrada & Matt Cohen @ SIMPLi

Sarela and Matt share their journey starting SIMPLi and their big vision to ethically source the highest quality, single-origin ingredients while tackling fraudulent international supply chains, combating climate change, and improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

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Episode -- #13

Joni Kindwall-Moore @ Snacktivist Foods

Joni shares her journey from ethnobotany and nursing to CPG entrepreneur, her vision to scale ancient, regenerative grain production, and the unique challenges of running a CPG startup and raising capital as a female entrepreneur.

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Episode -- #12

Justin Mares @ Kettle & Fire

Justin shares his journey from tech employee to CPG entrepreneur, how he built Kettle & Fire from scratch, and how they put together the regenerative supply chain for their 2 regenerative, bone broth SKU’s.

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Episode -- #11

Stephanie & Blake Alexandre @ Alexandre Family Farm

Stephanie and Blake share their deep family roots in dairy farming, their journey from conventional to regenerative production, and how they’ve built their own vertically integrated CPG brand from scratch.

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Episode -- #10

Tim Richards @ Philosopher Foods

Tim shares Philosopher’s origin story, his mission to transform food production from degenerative monocultures to regenerative polycultures, and all the ins and outs of building a ReGen Brand in the nut butter category of CPG.

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Episode -- #9

Caryl & Ken @ Lotus Foods

Caryl & Ken detail Lotus Foods’ origin story, their mission to keep the biodiversity of rice alive, and how they’re partnering with smallholder farmers across the globe to produce regenerative rice using the “System of Rice Intensification” protocol.

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Episode -- #8

David Bronner @ Dr. Bronner's

David details the amazing origin story of Dr. Bronner's, how the company is leading the charge in the advocacy and creation of regenerative organic supply chains, and their big plans to continue pushing the envelope of constructive capitalism in the future.

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Episode -- #7

Daniela Jensen @ Big Picture Foods

Daniela details how vastly different Big Picture’s regenerative products are from their conventional counterparts, how she and her husband Chris started the business, and what lies ahead for both their work at Big Picture and ReGen Brands at large.

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Episode -- #6

Paul Greive @ Pasturebird

Paul shares Pasturebird’s origin story, why the company’s north star is scaling pastured poultry to the masses, why chickens actually should eat grains, and how Pasturebird found an ideal partner in Perdue Farms.

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Episode -- #5

Alec Jaffe @ Alec's Ice Cream

Alec details how his life-long love affair with ice cream turned into Alec’s Ice Cream - the first certified regenerative ice cream brand in the world. We learn why regenerative and A2 dairy is better for people & planet, and we explore what the future holds for Alec’s and ReGen brands at large.

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Episode -- #4

Meghan & Keith Rowe @ White Leaf Provisions

The Rowe’s discuss why they started a ReGen baby food brand, the differences between ReGen Ag in Europe and the US, and their future plans to “regenerate your pantry” by building White Leaf into a family brand with staple products across multiple categories.

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Episode -- #3

Jamie Ager @ Hickory Nut Gap

Learn how Jamie and his wife's desire to save the family farm led to the creation of a pioneering regenerative meat brand. Is meat really CPG? How do we scale regen meat?

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Episode -- #2

Heather Terry @ GoodSAM Foods

Learn how Heather went from actor to CPG entrepreneur and how GoodSAM is building regen supply chains with indigenous, small-holder farmers across the globe.

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Episode -- #1

Kristy Lewis @ Quinn Snacks

Learn how Kristy's childhood sleepovers led to the creation of a pioneering brand's charge to improve the way we snack.

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Why ReGen Brands? Why Us? Why Now?

Episode -- #0

Kyle Krull & Anthony Corsaro

Join Kyle and AC as they talk all about regenerative agriculture, why you should care about it, and all the positive benefits it can bring to the world. You’ll learn each of their stories and how health issues fueled a passion for better food production practices that influences the work they do every day.

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