#31 - Jordan Rubin @ Ancient Nutrition
ReGen Brands PodcastMay 12, 202301:14:22102.15 MB

#31 - Jordan Rubin @ Ancient Nutrition

On this episode, we have Jordan Rubin who is a Co-Founder and the CEO @ Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition is supporting regenerative agriculture with its regenerative organic certified farms in Missouri and Tennessee and the company’s various superfood supplement products. Their mission is to save the world with superfoods.

In this episode, we learn about Jordan’s personal health journey and his experiences as a two-time founder in the natural and organic supplement space. We take a deep dive into the countless regenerative initiatives that Ancient Nutrition is pioneering both on their farms and in their products, and we talk about hot-button topics like certification, retailer adoption, and scaling regenerative brands.

Episode Highlights:

🤯 Jordan overcoming 18 illnesses + writing 3 books

💥 Starting and scaling Garden of Life

🧑‍⚕️ Co-Founding Ancient Nutrition with Dr. Axe

🌟 Saving The World With Superfoods & The R.A.N.C.H Project

🐃 Their 2 ROC Farms in Missouri & Tennessee

🥇 The world’s 1st ROC supplement line

💪 Why building soil is like building muscle🤝 The need to build more B2B regen supply

🔭 Getting to 100 Renegerartive Organic Certified SKUs

🏪 Why retailers need to step up for regen brands


Ancient Nutrition

R.A.N.C.H Project

Garden of Life

The Maker’s Diet

Patient, Heal Thyself

The Probiotic Diet

Dr. Axe

Rodale Institute

Savory Institute

Regenerative Organic Certified

Ecological Outcome Verification

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