#33 - Pat Schnettler @ 12 Tides
ReGen Brands PodcastMay 26, 202301:03:0558.38 MB

#33 - Pat Schnettler @ 12 Tides

On this episode, we have Pat Schnettler who is one of the Co-Founders of 12 Tides

12 Tides is supporting regenerative aquaculture with its kelp chips made from regenerative and organic kelp farmed in Maine & Alaska.

In this episode, we learn about Pat’s deep family roots in conservation and his personal journey that inspired the creation of 12 Tides, and Pat educates us on how the company has already sold over 1 million bags of kelp chips.

Episode Highlights:

🌊 Pat’s deep family ties in conservation + journey in seafood

💰 Why we need brands to drive demand for kelp farming

🤔 Why they started with kelp chips

🧺 Developing their first products through farmers markets

➕ Why kelp farming is the only net-positive aquaculture

🤩 Helping reverse the loss of natural kelp habitat

🙅 Why they don’t use a co-manufacturer

⭐ Designing products around sustaining consumer trends

🦸 How to build a set of superfans at every store

🔥 The imperative for regen brands to cross-promote


12 Tides

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