#57 - Zack Gazzaniga @ Zack’s Mighty
ReGen Brands PodcastDecember 08, 2023
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#57 - Zack Gazzaniga @ Zack’s Mighty

On this episode, we have Zack Gazzaniga who is the Founder of Zack's Mighty.

Zack’s Mighty is supporting regenerative agriculture with its tortilla chip products made with certified regenerative corn.

In this episode, we learn about Zack’s journey in CPG helping to build and scale Sir Kensington’s, why he was compelled to “make chips that don’t break in dip,” and the wild ride building Zack’s Mighty supply chain that included everything from importing an heirloom variety of corn into the US, setting up direct trade supply with farms, investing in proprietary manufacturing processes, and certifying their regenerative claims through A Greener World (AGW). 

Episode Highlights:

💪 Creating a chip that won’t break in dip

🥇 Being employee #1 at Sir Kensington’s

😂 Zack’s year-long journey to pick his entrepreneurial pursuit

🤯 The history of “flint corn” and why they use it

🔥 Importing flint corn from Italy for their first growing season

🤝 How regenerative claims can help brands get on shelf at retail

😬 Launching nationally in Whole Foods during COVID 

🌽 Why the best tortilla chips start as tortillas first

🌟 Using A Greener World (AGW) for regenerative certification

👀 Their new “Rolled” chip line and why they aren’t regenerative


Zack’s Mighty

Sir Kensington's

Flint Corn History

Anson Mills

Stone House Farm

Hudson Carbon

A Greener World (AGW)

Certified Regenerative by A Greener World (AGW)

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