#18 - Dax Hansen @ Oatman Farms
ReGen Brands PodcastFebruary 10, 202301:07:05

#18 - Dax Hansen @ Oatman Farms

AC and Kyle chat with Dax Hansen of Oatman Farms.
Oatman Farms is supporting regenerative agriculture through its portfolio of regenerative organic baking mixes that are made with heritage and drought-resistant wheat varieties.

In this episode, we learn how Dax started Oatman Farms to save his family ranch, their plans to grow the brand and regen consumption at large, and probably most importantly, we dive into “how what we grow where” is just as important as “how we grow it.”

Episode Highlights:

🏜️ The rich history of Oatman Flats Ranch and Dax’s battle to save it
🌾 Why Dax decided to embrace regenerative organic management
🚨 Oatman Farms varieties & practices versus their conventional peers
🤯 How changing what we grow in the West can solve our water crisis
🏭 The need to vertically integrate a brand to create a return
🏆 How a secret weapon helped with Oatman Farms' product development
🌟 Rave reviews from a James Beard Award-winning chef
😡 The lack of infrastructure and markets to support a regen wheat transition
😦 How the deck is stacked against regen brands in our current system
✍️ Why we are 3-5 years away from mass consumer adoption


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