#21 - Robby Sansom @ Force of Nature
ReGen Brands PodcastMarch 03, 202301:15:28

#21 - Robby Sansom @ Force of Nature

AC and Kyle chat with Robby Sansom of Force of Nature
Force of Nature is supporting regenerative agriculture through its line of regeneratively focused meats that nourish our bodies, our soil, and our future.

In this episode, we learn about Force of Nature’s origin story, how vastly different their products are from mainstream meat, and how they’re sparking a regenerative revolution through transparency and storytelling.

Episode Highlights:

🎯 Their vision to make regenerative meat accessible at scale
⭐ Growing EPIC and selling it to General Mills
🤠 How General Mills doubled down on regenerative
🤯 The major problems with our current agricultural system
😯 Comparing their supply chains to mainstream meat
🔍 Ecosystem outcomes they track in their supply chain
😡 How consumers have been lied to about food
🥩 The challenges and opportunities of “branding” meat
💪 How consumers can force incumbents to change
🔥 Why regenerative is a necessity and not a choice


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