#22 - Paul Lightfoot @ Patagonia Provisions
ReGen Brands PodcastMarch 10, 202300:48:21

#22 - Paul Lightfoot @ Patagonia Provisions

AC chats with Paul Lightfoot at Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia Provisions is the food arm of Patagonia where they are building regenerative supply chains and products with the goal of “saving our home planet”

In this episode, we learn about the origins of Provisions and their plans for the next evolution of the business. Plus, we talk to Paul about Provisions’ role as a supply chain architect to help scale regeneratively produced products to commercial success.

Episode Highlights:

🌏 Their mission to save our home planet through food
🎯 Their new product development rubric
💡 Paul’s background at BrightFarms and what led him to regen
🗣️ Storytelling as the key to marketing regen brands to consumers
✅ The importance of the Regenerative Organic Certification
🍺 Their new regional beer partnerships and products
🚧 Leveraging existing infrastructure versus rebuilding from scratch
🔭 Provisions’ future of “product families” and category expansion
⚔️ Designing products to beat our “food enemies”
🤝 Using off-take agreements to make regen more financeable


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