#28 - Sean Smith @ Third Street
ReGen Brands PodcastApril 26, 202300:52:1059.72 MB

#28 - Sean Smith @ Third Street

AC chats with Sean Smith @ Third Street

Third Street is supporting regenerative agriculture by partnering with regenerative brands in their creative efforts like branding, marketing, advertising, and much more.

In this episode, we learn about why Third Street refers to itself as an “attention agency,” how they have partnered with various CPGs, their epic rebrand for SunFed Ranch, and we explore tons of marketing and branding opportunities for regen brands at large.

Episode Highlights:

🥳 Introducing our FIRST-EVER Sponsor: Third Street

🤩 What is an “Attention Agency”

🤝 Why all business is not B2C or B2B but P2P

🤔 Marketing Challenges 4 Regen Brands

😍 Third Street’s work rebranding Sunfed Ranch

🔥 Tapping into the “essence” of a brand

🎯 The “Ascend” process & “Brand Wheel”

💫 Marketing to Gen Z vs Millenials

😎 Why people want to be enlightened not educated

⚡ How collective action will scale regenerative brands


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