#36 - Susan Buckwalter @ Recoup
ReGen Brands PodcastJune 16, 202301:07:03

#36 - Susan Buckwalter @ Recoup

On this episode, we have Susan Buckwalter who is one of the Co-Founders of Recoup.

Recoup is an all-natural, ginger-powered hydration beverage with regenerative organic maple water as its lead ingredient. Recoup is also the first beverage brand to be Regenerative Organic Certified® across its entire product portfolio.

In this episode, we learn about Susan’s Co-Founder Siwat and the homemade health remedies that inspired Recoup’s creation. Susan spends time teaching us about the hydration and wellness power combo of maple water and ginger. Plus, we take a deep dive into all things branding, marketing, and merchandising for not only Recoup’s product but for regenerative brands at large.

Episode Highlights:

👌 100+ studies on the medical benefits of ginger
🤯 Siwat’s health journey that inspired Recoup
🤝 Susan leaving big CPG to partner with Siwat
🧘 Targeting the wellness-focused female consumer
💧 Using regenerative organic maple tree water
🤳 Leveraging TikTok for organic reach
🤸 Fitness studios as a key sales channel
✍️ What Regen can learn from Organic + Non-GMO
👀 Future products coming soon
🎯 The unifying messaging needed to scale regenerative


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