#37 - Michael Ham @ Wild Orchard
ReGen Brands PodcastJune 23, 202301:10:25

#37 - Michael Ham @ Wild Orchard

On this episode, we have Michael Ham who is the Co-Founder and President at Wild Orchard.

Wild Orchard is the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® tea brand and boasts 27 SKUs of tea products.

In this episode, we learn about the incredibly unique growing conditions for Wild Orchard’s teas on Jeju Island in South Korea. Michael gives us a deep dive education on the wild differences between Wild Orchard’s products and the conventional tea industry. Plus, we talk about opportunities to bring regenerative brands to market through leading “tastemaker” channels like MICHELIN Star restaurants and other high-end food service operations.

Episode Highlights:

🤯 Their 1,000-acre regenerative farm in Jeju Island, South Korea
🆒 Michael’s background in nature photography & air quality
🏆 Winning global tea awards and becoming Regenerative Organic Certified®
😯 How all types of tea actually come from the same perennial tree
🔬 Plans to lab test all products for nutrient density, antioxidants, etc.
🧑‍🍳 Selling to MICHELIN Star restaurants and other high-end foodservice accounts
🪿 Heavy rainfall, volcanic soil, wild geese and other unique aspects of their farm
😵‍💫 Wild Orchard Regenerative Teas versus conventional teas
🥳 Recent retail wins (Jimbo’s + MOM’s) and plans for the future
⚡ What regen can learn from the clear energy movement


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