#41 - Ashley Walsh @ Pocono Organics
ReGen Brands PodcastJuly 28, 202301:08:07

#41 - Ashley Walsh @ Pocono Organics

On this episode, we have Ashley Walsh who is the Founder and President of Pocono Organics.

Pocono Organics is supporting regenerative agriculture with their 380-acre Regenerative Organic Certified® farm producing fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, microgreens, and a myriad of hemp-based CPG products.

In this episode, we learn about Ashley’s health journey with gastroparesis that inspired the farm, their farm’s journey into the myriad of enterprises they are running on-site, and their growing CBD-infused CPG lineup that they are currently scaling.

Episode Highlights:

🤤 Enjoying a CBD-infused “marsh-mellow”
👎 Ashley’s health journey with gastroparesis
💫 Rodale Institute’s instrumental role in their work
🧑‍🌾 Practices on their 380-acre Regenerative Organic Certified® farm
🧑‍🔬 Research trials on-farm with Rodale + Jefferson University
🙏 The amazing medicinal power of hemp & CBD
🤯 Why Nano-Particle CBD??
🔥 Why vertical integration is so important for their product quality + innovation
👀 New CBD products coming soon!
🤩 Selling regen products to NASCAR fans at Pocono Raceway


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