#42 - Courtney Boyd Myers @ AKUA
ReGen Brands PodcastAugust 04, 202301:03:35

#42 - Courtney Boyd Myers @ AKUA

On this episode, we have Courtney Boyd Myers who is the Founder & CEO of AKUA.

AKUA is supporting regenerative agriculture with their lineup of frozen, plant-based meat alternatives like burgers, crab cakes, and ground meat that are all made with regeneratively farmed kelp.

In this episode, we learn how the brand pivoted from shelf-stable kelp jerky into frozen household mainstays, their exciting new partnership with Nickelodeon & Spongebob, plus Courtney shares her operating and fundraising journey as a mother and female founder.

Episode Highlights:

😡 How changing her Dad’s diet inspired her
🤝 Partnering with GreenWave to support regen kelp
🤔 Why they started with kelp “jerky”
🥇 Pivoting through the “Kelp Beta Burger Club”
👀 The “Innovation Limits” of CPG
👍 Flavor - Nutrition - Sustainability
🤩 Their EPIC Spongebob partnership
💯 Courtney’s experience as a mom and female founder
💰 Their Republic fundraise happening NOW
👏 How to bring down regen COGS & SRPs


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