#51 - Maddy Rotman & Taylor Lanzet @ Anytime Spritz
ReGen Brands PodcastOctober 20, 202301:06:49

#51 - Maddy Rotman & Taylor Lanzet @ Anytime Spritz

In this episode, we have Maddy Rotman & Taylor Lanzet, the Co-Founders @ Anytime.

Anytime is supporting regenerative agriculture with two inaugural product lines in the adult beverage category. They first launched a canned cocktail lineup called the Anytime Spritz in May of this year and in just two weeks will bring to market their two inaugural spirit products: Anytime Famrhouse Vodka and Anytime Farmhouse Gin. All of these products are Regenerative Organic Certified® and made with wheat grown on Regenerative Organic Certified® farms.

In this episode, we learn about how COVID-related supply chain crises led them to co-found this booze brand, why they believe scaling regenerative row crop acreage is all about alcohol, and what it is like starting a female and queer-founded CPG company in a hyper-masculine category like alc bev.

Episode Highlights:

🎉 Launching the first Regenerative Organic Certified® booze!
🤤 Their inaugural lineup of 3 farm-to-can cocktails
😯 Why real spirits over malt liquor for RTDs
😂 The COVID supply chain crisis that inspired the brand
🥃 Why regenerative acreage depends on alcohol consumption
🎯 The huge opportunity for clean and organic adult beverages
👌 Focusing on certain retailers to drive product discovery
🤯 Why copper distilling is a gamechanger for flavor
👏 Starting a female and queer-founded brand in a male-dominated industry
🔑 Why retailers are the key to a regenerative revolution


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