#53 - Adam Hiner & Maddie Hamann @ PACHA
ReGen Brands PodcastNovember 03, 202301:09:37

#53 - Adam Hiner & Maddie Hamann @ PACHA

On this episode, we have Adam Hiner & Maddie Hamann who are the Co-Founders @ PACHA.

PACHA is supporting regenerative agriculture with its lineup of organic and regenerative buckwheat bread products including 3 flavors of bread and 1 SKU of buns.

In this episode, we learn how PACHA found a reliable source of regenerative buckwheat through an innovative farmer partnership and how theyโ€™re rolling out their products nationally into Whole Foods as we speak.

Episode Highlights:

๐Ÿคค How Adam became obsessed with buckwheat bread
๐Ÿ‘ Their national rollout in Whole Foods happening NOW!
๐ŸŒŠ Maddieโ€™s transition from oceanography to entrepreneurship
๐ŸŒณ Adam volunteering at a non-profit regenerative farm
๐Ÿ“ฆ Why COVID forced them to focus on DTC early on
๐Ÿ—๏ธ Building buckwheat supply with John @ Field Theory
๐Ÿ‘ The agronomic and commercial benefits of buckwheat
๐Ÿฅ‡ Working with Social Carbon Initiative (SCI) for certification
๐Ÿคฏ The simple power of slicing bread
๐Ÿ’ญ Creative marketing that drives trial at retail


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