#56 - Kyle Koehler @ Wildway
ReGen Brands PodcastNovember 24, 202301:20:04

#56 - Kyle Koehler @ Wildway

On this episode, we have Kyle Koehler who is the Founder and CEO at Wildway.

Wildway is supporting regenerative agriculture with its commitment to transition its entire product portfolio to Regenerative Organic Certified®, beginning with a 4-SKU lineup of Planet Friendly Oats and a 3-SKU lineup of Coconut Chips.

In this episode, we learn about Kyle’s 11-year journey bootstrapping Wildway from the farmers’ market to a nationally distributed and profitable brand, Kyle shares his inspiration for taking the brand fully regenerative organic and the immense challenges that has created, plus he also shares how they’re looking to fund the future of the business with redeemable equity.

Episode Highlights:

👏 Wildway’s commitment to 100% Regenerative Organic Certified®
😂 How Kyle cold-called his way into Whole Foods
👍 Not wanting the brand to be synonymous with diet culture
🤯 Bootstrapping the brand for its entire 11-year journey
👎 Challenges of transitioning products to organic + regenerative
🤝 Why pre-competitive collaborations can scale regen supply
🔥 Using “beyond sustainable” to spur consumer curiosity
😡 The pitfalls of the current CPG financing landscape
💰 Funding their future with redeemable equity
🎯 Kyle’s 3-pronged approach to Wildway’s future strategy


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