#65 - Hovik Azadkhanian @ Heirloom Coffee Roasters
ReGen Brands PodcastMarch 29, 202401:11:20

#65 - Hovik Azadkhanian @ Heirloom Coffee Roasters

On this episode, we have Hovik Azadkhanian who is the Founder and CEO of Heirloom Coffee Roasters.

Heirloom Coffee Roasters is supporting regenerative agriculture with its 6-SKU lineup of Regenerative Organic Certified® whole bean coffees.

In this episode, we learn how Hovik is carrying on his family’s legacy as a third-generation coffee roaster, how the brand has grown from one Bay Area retail location to going nationwide with Sprouts in less than a year, and why regenerative agriculture is the key to saving coffee.

One thing is clear from this episode - when people tell Hovik he can’t do something, he is going to do whatever he can to prove them wrong. This spirit underpins Heirloom’s audacious goals which range from selling 100% regenerative organic certified coffee, to pioneering emissions-free electric roasting, and much more.

Episode Highlights:

🙏 Three generations of family coffee roasting
💡 Going from B2B coffee roaster to CPG brand
👉 “The fight to save coffee”
🥇 Why Regenerative Organic Certified® matters
🧑‍🌾 Creating better futures for coffee farmers
💫 Building “premium” into the brand and packaging
⚡ Using Bellwether’s electric coffee roasters
😮 From 1 store to nationwide in 9 months
🎫 Using KeHe’s “Golden Ticket” to land Sprouts
🔊 “We have to make it feel good and taste good to do good”


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