#19 - Abianne Falla @ Catspring Yaupon
ReGen Brands PodcastFebruary 17, 202301:01:0056.45 MB

#19 - Abianne Falla @ Catspring Yaupon

AC and Kyle chat with Abianne Falla of Catspring Yaupon.

Catspring Yaupon is supporting regenerative agriculture with its loose-leaf and bagged yaupon teas and also its new VIBE Yaupon crystals.

What is Yaupon??

It is the one and only naturally caffeinated plant that is native to North America.

In this episode, we learn all about Yaupon and Abianne’s work building both a brand and a completely new category at the same time.

Episode Highlights:

🪴 Meet Yaupon - the only naturally-caffeinated plant native to North America

🌀 Yaupon’s historical journey from ubiquity to eradication to resurgence

💥 How they sustainably wild harvest the Yaupon

😡 The challenges of building a brand and creating a category at the same time

🤯 Comparing Catspring Yaupon’s supply chain to most imported tea

🙏 Why regenerative agriculture is indigenous agriculture

🏆 Recent PR wins for Yaupon as a category

💫 Their newest innovation: VIBE - Yaupon Crystals

😧 How Abianne has raised $1M of non-dilutive capital

❌ Why regenerative food should never be a luxury good


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