#20 - Francisco Pergola @ Cheddies
ReGen Brands PodcastFebruary 24, 202301:10:5981.25 MB

#20 - Francisco Pergola @ Cheddies

AC and Kyle chat with Francisco Pergola of Cheddies

Cheddies is supporting regenerative agriculture with its cheese crackers made with regenerative cheddar cheese

In this episode, we learn about Cheddie’s origin story, why they decided to start sourcing regenerative cheese, and their big plans for the future.

Episode Highlights:

🤒 Why Cheddies started by selling to hospitals and health clinics

🙈 How they snuck into HEB to pitch a buyer

😂 The coincidental demo that landed them Hy-Vee

💯 How and why they transitioned to regen cheese

⏰ Why the need to “age” cheese complicates their supply chain

🤝 How they sold Alexandre on selling dairy to Cheddies

🚨 The best ways to market regenerative CPG

🏆 The Cheez-It versus Cheddies challenge

✈️ Eating Cheddies on an American Airlines flight

⚡ Partnering with Redbud Brands



Alexandre Family Farm

Dr. Stephen van Vilet

Beef Nutrient Density Study

Redbud Brands

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