#25 - Hoda Mohajerani @ Chakra Chai
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#25 - Hoda Mohajerani @ Chakra Chai

Kyle and AC chat with Hoda Mohajerani @ Chakra Chai

Chakra Chai is supporting regenerative agriculture with its alchemical truffles and superfood elixirs that activate and nourish the 7 chakras of the body with formulas rooted in ayurvedic medicine. 

In this episode, we learn about the consciousness behind Chakra Chai’s products, Hoda’s spiritual and personal journey that led to the creation of the company, and how we need to dig deeper into “regenerative” and think about fundamentally shifting from existing, extractive systems.

Episode Highlights:

✨ What is Chakra Chai and the chakras of the body?

😯 Kyle and AC’s experience using the products

🎯 How to choose your Chakra Chai

🖤 Arta: the inspiration behind Chakra Chai

🏔️ Commercializing a CPG based on consciousness

💥 Why we have to fund emerging regen brands

👎 The pitfalls in “proof of concept”

🌟 The imperative to move from extraction to regeneration

🙏 Modeling support systems from indigenous wisdom

❤️ Why we need to move from the head to the heart


Chakra Chai

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