#30 - Joe Carr @ Serenity Kids
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#30 - Joe Carr @ Serenity Kids

On this episode, we have Joe Carr who is a Co-Founder and the President @ Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids is supporting regenerative agriculture with their various regenerative and organic baby and children’s food products like their veggie and meat baby food pouches, dairy-free smoothies, grain-free puffs, and A2 formula.

In this episode, we learn about Joe and his wife Serenity’s personal health journey that led them to a paleo lifestyle and the idea to create the first paleo baby food, Joe educates us on how they’ve had regenerative sourcing in mind from the beginning of the company and how it plays into their product innovation strategy, plus Joe shares his vision for the future of Serenity Kids and how we can catalyze the regenerative movement through collective action.

Episode Highlights:

😷 Joe & Serenity’s personal health journeys

🥩 Starting the world’s first paleo baby food brand

📚 Why the research shows babies need animal-based foods

🐮 Grass-fed regenerative meat vs Organic feedlot meat

😡 Our alarming child nutrition crisis

🥛 Designing baby food to mimic breast milk

🤝 Getting help from Katie & Taylor @ EPIC

🤩 Selling 30 MILLION regen baby food pouches

🏷️ Working with the Clean Label Project

🔥 Why regen brands need to market together


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