#32 - Nicole Dooling & Michael Frey @ Mariah Vineyards
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#32 - Nicole Dooling & Michael Frey @ Mariah Vineyards

On this episode, we have Nicole Dooling and Michael Frey who are the 2nd generation operators of Mariah Vineyards and the Creators of Dirt Wine.

Mariah Vineyards is supporting regenerative agriculture as the first Land-To-Market Verified regenerative vineyard. This couple is working with their family to sell wine under the Mariah Vineyards brand while also developing a new concept in Dirt Wine that will be in the market soon.

In this episode, we learn about the history of this family-run, mountain-top vineyard, we take a deep dive into their transition to regenerative agriculture, plus Nicole and Michael spend time educating us on current under-discussed issues in the wine industry like shallow sustainability certifications, the use of over 70 additives in wine, and more.

Episode Highlights:

🍇 Their unique vineyard and AVA (American Viticultural Area)

⛰️ Nicoles’ parents building a mountain-top vineyard from scratch

🍷 Launching the Mariah brand with Brown-Forman

🤔 Why wine is valued by where it’s grown versus how it's grown

☑️ How to know if your wine is sourced from only one vineyard

🤯 The 70+ additives that can be in your wine

❤️ How their relationship changed the direction of the vineyard

🔥 Being inspired at The Regenerative Earth Summit

🥇 Being the world’s 1st Land To Market Verified Vineyard

🪱 Dry-farming, permanent cover, no-till, and animal integration


Mariah Vineyards

Dirt Wine

American Viticulture Area (AVA)


Regenerative Earth Summit

The Dorito Effect

Land To Market

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