#44 - Chris Langwallner @ WhatIF Foods
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#44 - Chris Langwallner @ WhatIF Foods

On this episode, we have Chris Langwallner who is the Co-Founder and CEO of WhatIF Foods.

WhatIF Foods is supporting regenerative agriculture with their BamNut Milks & BamNut Noodles all made with the bambara groundnut as the key ingredient.

In this episode, we learn about Chris’ grandfather and upbringing in Austria that inspired him to “leave the world better than he found it,” the incredible regenerative ecosystem being built around the Bambara groundnut stretching across multiple continents, and what it means to truly be a “planet-based” brand.

Episode Highlights:

😍 What are BamNut Noodles and BamNut Milk?

🙏 How Chris’ Austrian town and grandfather inspired him

🌏 Chris’ career in food across the globe

😡 Our huge combined problem of land degradation & deforestation

🤩 The game-changing Bambara Groundnut 

🇺🇸 Why they chose the US as their 1st commercial market

🧪 The massive R&D lift to commercialize new crops at scale

🤝 Their amazing work with farmers in Africa

🤯 Upcycling Bambara waste to create biochar and renewable energy

🔑 Gen Z spending and voting power is the key to a regenerative future


WhatIF Foods

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