#49 - Rachael Petach @ Current Cassis
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#49 - Rachael Petach @ Current Cassis

On this episode, we have Rachael Petach who is the Founder and CEO at C. Cassis.

C. Cassis, also know as Current Cassis, is supporting regenerative agriculture with its growing lineup of products made from blackcurrants grown in Northeast, regenerative, agroforestry systems. Right now, the product lineup includes two alcoholic beverages: a bottled Liqueur and a ready-to-drink, sparkling, blackcurrant cocktail. 

In this episode, we learn about how Rachael started the brand in her Brooklyn apartment, why blackcurrants were federally illegal for decades and what brought them back, and how C. Cassis is planning to use a combination of CPG, hospitality, and agritourism to get blackcurrant products into the mainstream.

Episode Highlights:

🫄 How Rachael’s pregnancy inspired her brand

💪 The amazing nutritional profile of blackcurrants

🥃 Why she started with alcoholic beverages

😂 Making the first products in her Brooklyn apartment

🤯 Why blackcurrants were illegal and why they’re coming back

💫 Moving to upstate New York to grow the business

🔥 Building an experiential distillery & tasting room

👏 The economic and environmental potential of US agroforestry

💥 Upcycling waste streams to create new products

🚫 Why leading with regen in marketing won’t work


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