#52 - Hayley Painter @ Painterland Sisters
ReGen Brands PodcastOctober 27, 202301:04:5060 MB

#52 - Hayley Painter @ Painterland Sisters

On this episode, we have Hayley Painter who is one of the Co-Founders @ Painterland Sisters.

Painterland Sisters is supporting regenerative agriculture with its line of organic and regenerative Icelandic skyr yogurt products that are made with organic milk sourced from their family farm and others in the Northern Pennsylvania area.

In this episode, we learn about how Painterland Sisters has grown to a 3-million-dollar annual run rate in just under two years of business, how this sister duo proposed a CPG brand as a way to protect the future of their family farm, plus what the term “regenerative” means to them, their farm, and their brand.

Episode Highlights:

💥 The difference between skyr, greek, and regular yogurt

🐄 Why their cows are “grass-based” versus “grass-fed”

🙏 Why CPG was the best path to safeguard their farm

😂 Hand-labeling the first 60,000 yogurts

👏 Eclipsing $1M in revenue in the first 12 months

👍 Pooling organic milk from their neighbor farms for supply

💪 Why their yogurts are packed with nutrition

🎯 How regenerative starts with adequate farmer livelihoods

😍 Leveraging “The Moo Crew” to boost retail sales

💰 Their WeFunder campaign happening NOW


Painterland Sisters

Painterland’s WeFunder Campaign

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