#58 - Derrick Jackson @ Grass Grazed
ReGen Brands PodcastDecember 22, 2023
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#58 - Derrick Jackson @ Grass Grazed

On this episode, we have Derrick Jackson who is a Farmer and Co-Founder of Grass Grazed

Grass Grazed is supporting regenerative agriculture with a myriad of direct-to-consumer livestock products and just launched its first CPG item, Grazed Snax. Grazed Snax is a meat stick made from 100% pasture-raised pork. 

In this episode, we learn how Derrick and his family went from raising 25 backyard chickens to 4,000 pasture-raised birds in just 11 months, the barriers that small-scale regenerative farmers face in receiving financing for land acquisition, and why the family has decided to invest in building CPG products as a key to their future growth.

Episode Highlights:

👉 Health and accessibility challenges that made Derrick a farmer

😂 The family raising their first 25 backyard birds

😯 Scaling to 4,000 pastured chickens in 11 months

💰 Diversifying into 5 income streams (poultry, eggs, beef, pork, and dairy)

🔥 Providing a 65-family “buying club” with all of their meat and dairy

🎯 Why they launched their first CPG product

😡 How USDA loans discriminate against small, regenerative farmers

💡 Formulating, designing, and launching Grazed Snax

💥 Shifting their whole focus to pasture-raised meat sticks

👏 Why “bringing farmers to the table” is key to a regenerative future


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