#59 - Edd Lees @ Wildfarmed
ReGen Brands PodcastJanuary 19, 2024
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#59 - Edd Lees @ Wildfarmed

On this episode, we have Edd Lees who is one of the Co-Founders at Wildfarmed

Wildfarmed is supporting regenerative agriculture with its lineup of regenerative wheat flours that are used in retailers, restaurants, and bakeries across the United Kingdom and powered by a network of 80 regenerative farmers.

In this episode, we learn how the brand was started when a famous DJ traded in his turntables for a tractor, how they’ve grown the business through a branded B2B2C strategy, and their big plans for their first Wildfarmed CPG product launch in 2024.

Episode Highlights:

🥳 Our 1st international episode with Wildfarmed!

🎤 How a grammy-nominated musician became a regenerative farmer

🔥 “First they laugh at you, then they hate you, then they want to join you”

👏 Scaling their B2B2C strategy from 1 bakery to 400 customers

🤩 Their regenerative standards and network of 80 farmers

😯 How they won a 25-year tenancy on their demonstration farm

🎯 Why their brand is all about being “Full of Life”

⚡ Their 1st branded CPG launch coming in 2024!

🤯 Partnering with a nationwide retailer to sell bread AND grow wheat

💥 Why stale category + high household penetration = opportunity



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Wildfarmed Standards

Henry Dimbleby

National Trust

The Green Revolution

Cairnspring Mills



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