#60 - Rafaela Gontijo Lenz @ NUU
ReGen Brands PodcastJanuary 26, 2024
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#60 - Rafaela Gontijo Lenz @ NUU

On this episode, we have Rafaela Gontijo Lenz who is the Founder and CEO at NUU.

NUU is supporting regenerative agriculture with its lineup of regenerative, cassava-based foods that includes cheese bread, chees bread pizza, tapioca sticks, and more. These items are sold in over 1,500 retail and foodservice points of sale in Brazil.

In this episode, we learn how Rafaela was inspired to leave her job at Johnson & Johnson to start a cheese bread company supporting smallholder farmers, her regenerative awakening and NUU’s regenerative journey, and their recent 4 million dollar fundraise that is set to power their future vision.

NUU is a certified B Corp, certified carbon neutral, led by an entirely female C-suite, and has been recognized by The United Nations as 1 of 50 global companies to help lead the regenerative food movement. 

Episode Highlights:

🇧🇷 Our 2nd international episode with NUU from Brazil!

🤤 Why Rafaela left Johnson & Johnson to start NUU

🧀 Bringing better Brazilian cheese bread to the masses

🤩 Their indigenous, hero ingredient: yuca (cassava)

🧑‍🌾 Building supply chains to purchase from smallholder farmers

🤝 Engaging investors, NGOs, and the government in their regen journey

💡 Why all their SKUs are “air fryer friendly”

💰 Their recent 4 million dollar fundraise!

❤️ Why we need to re-feminize the food system

🔥 Using event ambassadors to drive discovery and trial




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