#61 - Jay Albany @ Wide Open Agriculture
ReGen Brands PodcastFebruary 02, 2024
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#61 - Jay Albany @ Wide Open Agriculture

On this episode, we have Jay Albany who is the CEO of Wide Open Agriculture.

Wide Open Agriculture is Australia's leading regenerative food and agriculture company and operates 3 distinct enterprises. Under the name Dirty Clean Food, they operate a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform that sells 300 different regenerative and artisan products directly to wholesale customers and individual consumers. They’ve also launched a line of branded, oat-milk-based CPG products under the Dirty Clean Food name as well. 

WOA is focusing its future growth on its third enterprise - producing and supplying Buntine Protein® created by processing Australian sweet lupin. Sweet lupin serves as a rotational crop in regenerative systems of the Western Australian wheat belt but currently does not have a large, profitable market as a human food ingredient.

Wide Open Ag’s business is a beautiful blend of targeting both local and global impact while operating under their “4 returns” mandate which includes financial, natural, social and inspirational returns. 


Episode Highlights:

👏 Their mission to regenerate the Western Australian wheat belt

🔮 How Jay met the Founders and joined the team

🥩 Bringing better food to Western Australia

🍔 Landing a burger joint to catalyze their brand

📈 Growing Dirty Clean Food to $12M

🥛 Launching the world’s 1st regenerative oat milk

💰 Sweetening the economics of sweet lupins

💥 Introducing Buntine Protein® - a better plant-based protein

🔥 Why Buntine Protein® is better

👍 Tackling local and global impact at once to scale regen



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