#62 - Joséphine Bournonville @ Omie
ReGen Brands PodcastFebruary 09, 2024
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#62 - Joséphine Bournonville @ Omie

On this episode, we have Joséphine Bournonville who is a Co-Founder and the COO at Omie.

 Omie is supporting regenerative agriculture with its lineup of more than 200 French pantry staples that are sourced from regenerative farmers.

 Omie’s agri-engineers work with over 40 manufacturers and 200 farmers to bring this vast assortment to life. Farming operations are audited with a Regenerative Index score then Omie works with the operators to create a roadmap for improvement and further regenerative practice adoption. All of their products are given a Planet Score, with more than 90% of the portfolio scoring an A or B and nothing being offered that isn’t at least a grade C.

 In this episode, we learn about Joséphine’s journey from clean-tech investing to agribusiness M&A to a regenerative food startup, and we hear how Omie has scaled from a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform into France’s leading regenerative brand.

 Joséphine was an amazing endcap to our first international series! Omie is doing incredible work, and it was inspiring and informative to hear about their efforts and compare them to all the other brands we’ve had on the show. 


Episode Highlights:

 🇫🇷 France’s leading regen brand with over 200 products!

🚜 Joséphine’s journey ​​from agribusiness to regen CPG

🤯 Working with 46 manufacturers and 260 farmers

🥣 Their new kids' cereal lineup featuring millet

🔥 The power of a strong DTC customer community

💯 Using radical transparency to build trust

📝 Roadmapping improvements with “the regeneration index”

👏 Dedicating 1% of sales to regen practice adoption

🔊 The recent farmer protests in France & Europe

🗯️ Engaging in advocacy + policy to drive change




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