#64 - Jody & Crystal Manuel + Brei Larmoyeux @ Gruff
ReGen Brands PodcastMarch 01, 2024
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#64 - Jody & Crystal Manuel + Brei Larmoyeux @ Gruff

On this episode, we have Jody and Crystal Manuel and Brei Larmoyeux, who are the Co-Founders of Gruff.

Gruff is supporting regenerative agriculture with its Regenerative Organic Certified® Ancient Grain Grits. Gruff’s grits are made from organic cracked Farro and are table-ready in just 12 minutes.

In this episode, we learn about Jody and Crystal's journey transitioning their farm from conventional to organic plus all the spectacular nuance of how they’re currently weaving annuals, perennials, and animals to create a winning regenerative organic system.

Crystal shares the story of how feeding their many children a nutritious breakfast inspired the creation of Gruff, and we have Brei and Kyle sidebarring on how we can bring these nutritious grits to bodybuilding bros and other performance athletes across the world.

Gruff is a vertically integrated, farmer-led, regenerative brand with a great story and a ton of growth potential - we enjoyed diving into it all with Jody, Crystal, and Brei.

Episode Highlights:

🤤 Ancient Grain Grits made with cracked Farro

💡 Crystal’s health journey that changed their farm forever

👏 A beautiful integration of annuals, perennials, & animals

🥣 The bulk kids’ breakfasts that inspired their hero SKU

🤝 Why crop diversity requires market diversity

🤩 Beefing up on-farm impact reporting with Mad Ag

💪 Growing for Purely Elizabeth & Patagonia Provisions

🎯 Making weeds an indicator instead of an enemy

🔥 The foodservice opportunity for farro grits

💥 1 Mom at a time, 1 family at a time, 1 eater at a time




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