#70 - Briana Buckles @ Yogi Tea
ReGen Brands PodcastMay 03, 2024
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#70 - Briana Buckles @ Yogi Tea

On this episode, we have Briana Buckles who is the Global Senior Sustainability Manager at Yogi Tea.

Yogi Tea is supporting regenerative agriculture with 9 global projects dedicated to increasing regenerative agriculture adoption in the supply chain for their Yogi Tea and Choice Organics brands.

Yogi has been around for more than 50 years, produces over 70 SKUs, and sources more than 150 ingredients from over 40 different countries. Their products are stocked across thousands of retailers in North America and Europe. 

In this episode, Briana shares her 5-year journey trailblazing new regenerative agriculture initiatives at Yogi and how they are increasing regen ag adoption through a three-pronged supply chain visibility, intervention, and expansion approach. Plus, she shares the details on one of their projects in Rwanda with details on how they select farmers to support, partner with local technical assistance providers, and fund the work itself.


Episode Highlights:

💫 The original Yogi recipe

🤯 Sourcing 150+ ingredients from 40+ countries

✍️ Building a Sustainability program from scratch

🌍 Their 9 global regen ag projects to date

🔍 Why it all starts with supply chain transparency

🧑‍🌾 Their work with tea farmers in Rwanda

💲 How they think about the ROI of regenerative

😧 The challenges of certifying their complex supply chains

⚙️ How Yogi designs, implements, and funds their regen projects

🤩 Why every supply chain link needs to benefit from regen



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Yogi Tea’s Annual Sustainability Report

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