#72 - Alison Czeczuga & Zach West @ Gaia Herbs
ReGen Brands PodcastMay 17, 2024
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#72 - Alison Czeczuga & Zach West @ Gaia Herbs

On this episode, we have Alison Czeczuga and Zach West from Gaia Herbs. Alison serves as the Director of Social Impact and Sustainability while Zach serves as the Farm Operations Manager.

Gaia Herbs is supporting regenerative agriculture with their 250-acre Regenerative Organic Certified® farm in North Carolina and their more than 200+ SKUs that contain various Regenerative Organic Certified® ingredients.

In this episode, we learn how this natural channel supplement leader has developed, implemented, and expanded their regenerative strategy plus how they’re betting that tying regen to product quality and consumer wellness will be a winning commercial strategy.

We talked farmworker housing, composting programs, herbal extraction, product label claim challenges and so much more in this one. Tons of insights and of course some good laughs along the way.


Episode Highlights:

🤯 Integrating regen into their 200+ SKUs

🚜 Their 250-acre Regenerative Organic Certified® farm

🧪 How Gaia’s herbs & botanicals become supplements

🧑‍🌾 Their legendary H-2A visa farmworker crew

🏠 Gaia’s new state-of-the-art farmworker housing

♻️ Upcycling their ‘herbal marc’ into compost

🤔 The challenges of producing fully ROC™ SKUs

🤝 Working with other brands on the Sustainable Herbs Program

🧘 Why tying regen to wellness is the winning strategy

🗣️ How they’re approaching messaging and label claims



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Regenerative Organic Certified®

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Sustainable Herbs Program

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