#67 - Blaine & Brooks Hitzfield @ Seven Sons
ReGen Brands PodcastApril 12, 202401:19:18

#67 - Blaine & Brooks Hitzfield @ Seven Sons

On this episode, we have Blaine & Brooks Hitzfield from Seven Sons. Blaine is the CEO while Brooks serves as the COO.

Seven Sons is supporting regenerative agriculture with its direct-to-consumer meat business that sells regeneratively raised beef, bison, pork, and chicken as well as seafood and other snack items.

Seven Sons sources their regeneratively raised meat products from their own 550-acre farm in Roanoke, Indiana, and from other regenerative farmers around the Midwest.

In this episode, we hear how the family farm transitioned from a conventional hog operation to a multi-species pastured livestock operation, plus Blaine and Brooks take us behind the scenes on all things direct-to-consumer e-commerce and how they’ve grown their business to 75,000 orders a year.

This was an absolute masterclass in operating a DTC brand, connecting with consumers authentically, and making regenerative products accessible through convenience.

Episode Highlights:

👏 Growing to 14,000 customers & 75,000 orders a year
😦 Their family journey from conventional pork to regen beef
⁉️ Are there actually seven sons in this business!?
🤯 Scaling to 53 pickup locations then shutting them down
👉 Why education isn’t a winning marketing strategy
😵‍💫 How to avoid “death by diversity” as a farmer
🍗 The challenges of pastured poultry economics
🎯 Winning with Quality, Authenticity, & Convenience
💲 Their winning DTC playbook (acquisition, retention, assortment)
💡 Being your own customer to improve your business


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