#69 - Matthieu Kohlmeyer @ La Tourangelle
ReGen Brands PodcastApril 26, 202401:16:05

#69 - Matthieu Kohlmeyer @ La Tourangelle

On this episode, we have Matthieu Kohlmeyer who is the Founder and CEO of La Tourangelle.

La Tourangelle is a French-American family-owned & operated culinary oil maker. They’re currently supporting regenerative agriculture with their Regenerative Organic Certified® Sunflower Oil and their soon-to-be-released regenerative olive oil.

In this episode, Matthieu shares La Tourangelle’s 20-year history as a CPG brand and 150-year history producing artisan oils, he shares what makes their production and packaging unique from other players in the category, and he also details their future plans to support regenerative agriculture.

Matthieu is a wealth of knowledge in all topics oil-related and he was nice enough to weigh in on the current seed oil debates, existing issues with counterfeit oils in the market, and why scaling regen in oil products might look a lot different than other categories.

Episode Highlights:

🗝️ Artisan oil-making dating back to 1867
🇺🇲 How Matthieu brought the brand to the US
🥫 Why tin packaging is better for the oil and the earth
✨ What makes La Tourangelle’s oils unique?
😦 Current fraud issues in culinary oil manufacturing
♻️ The added upcycling complexity in oil supply chains
🧑‍🌾 Farmer feedback on regenerative & organic
❤️ Why emotion over education for selling food
👀 What’s the truth about seed oils?
👏 Educating kids in their community garden


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