#53 - Adam Hiner & Maddie Hamann @ PACHA
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#53 - Adam Hiner & Maddie Hamann @ PACHA

On this episode, we have Adam Hiner & Maddie Hamann who are the Co-Founders @ PACHA.

PACHA is supporting regenerative agriculture with its lineup of organic and regenerative buckwheat bread products including 3 flavors of bread and 1 SKU of buns.

In this episode, we learn how PACHA found a reliable source of regenerative buckwheat through an innovative farmer partnership and how they’re rolling out their products nationally into Whole Foods as we speak.

Episode Highlights:

🤤 How Adam became obsessed with buckwheat bread

👏 Their national rollout in Whole Foods happening NOW!

🌊 Maddie’s transition from oceanography to entrepreneurship 

🌳 Adam volunteering at a non-profit regenerative farm

📦 Why COVID forced them to focus on DTC early on

🏗️ Building buckwheat supply with John @ Field Theory

👍 The agronomic and commercial benefits of buckwheat

🥇 Working with Social Carbon Initiative (SCI) for certification

🤯 The simple power of slicing bread

💭 Creative marketing that drives trial at retail



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