#46 - Christian Ebersol & Nick Wallace @ 99 Counties
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#46 - Christian Ebersol & Nick Wallace @ 99 Counties

On this episode, we have Christian Ebersol & Nick Wallace of 99 Counties. Christian serves as a Co-Founder and CEO while Nick is also a Co-Founder and the Chief Farmer.

99 Counties is supporting regenerative agriculture with its direct-to-consumer, e-commerce business that partners with small family farms in Iowa and sells a myriad of regeneratively raised meat products to people in all of the lower 48 states.

In this episode, we talk about Nick’s personal journey that led to the creation of Wallace Farms, his vision to regenerate the 99 counties of Iowa and how crossing paths with Christian led him to turn his direct-to-consumer farm business into a brand aggregating from farmers across the entire state of Iowa and servicing customers across the nation.

99 Counties is truly on the front lines as Iowa is ground zero for degenerative agriculture that is driving countless human and planetary health issues.

Among the 50 states Iowa ranks:

  • Dead last in soil erosion rates

  • 2nd to last in ecosystem impacts

  • 4th to last in conservation practices

  • 5th highest rate of water nutrient run-off

  • 7th highest incidence of cancer 

  • And the 11th highest obesity rate

Episode Highlights:

🤯 Iowa’s massive problems linked to food & agriculture

📈 How Nick started Wallace Farms and grew it to $1M+

🤔 The growth plateau that caused Nick to think bigger

🙏 Nick’s inspiration for 99 Counties from the Acres Eco-Ag Conference

🛻 How Christian met Nick and became his Co-Founder

✉️ Using direct mail “love letters” in their marketing strategy

🥩 Solving for whole carcass utilization through product development

📦 Differences between a DTC-focused and retail-focused brand

🇺🇸 Going national to do more good in Iowa

🔥 Why it’s time for all of us to “pick a side”


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