#48 - Will Burke @ Sol Simple
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#48 - Will Burke @ Sol Simple

On this episode, we have Will Burke who is the Founder and CEO at Sol Simple.

Sol Simple is supporting regenerative agriculture with its Regenerative Organic Certified® dried tropical fruit products and broader ecosystem of enterprises working with 1,200 smallholder farmers in Nicaragua.

In this episode, we learn about Will’s journey from educator to entrepreneur and why he had to build multiple businesses and tons of infrastructure to support the commercialization activities of his farmer partners.

Episode Highlights:

🎒 Will’s transition from educator to entrepreneur

🥭 How his wife inspired their focus on tropical fruit

🤩 Connecting 1,200 smallholder farmers to a better market

☀️ Investing in solar drying tech for higher quality & lower emissions

🔥 Why they needed to build a consumer-facing brand

👏 Creating an agronomic consulting and farmer financing company

💫 Building a processing facility and a B2B ingredient company

🌴 Helping farmers diversify through regenerative agroforestry systems

🍌 Becoming the 1st Regenerative Organic Certified® fruit supply chain

💰 Building better incentives for regen through economics and policy


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